Online Product Validation System

Among the many names of medicines certified and permitted in production, there are cases of the appearance of counterfeit drugs. They can bring harm to patients, because they do not have the effect of the original product and thus spoil the reputation of manufacturer.

Achem Pharmaceuticals takes care of consumers and periodically develops various methods of protecting its products from such illegal acts.

Such as a complicated package, with many identification elements, visual and tactile, makes the forgery of our medical products difficult to implement, even impossible.

The first anti-piracy tool, introduced right from the first package of medicines, is the Online Product Validation System. Each drug produced by the company has a single code of individual identification.

By querying the medication code in the site form, you will find out how many customers have resorted to the services of this site. This part can be considered as a sign of the authenticity of the product. From the moment when each package has its own unique code, the codes made a large number of times are identified by the system as suspicious. And too frequent checks of one product prove that the product is forged.

Achem Pharmaceuticals makes continuous efforts to maintain the high quality of its products and encourages everyone to be attentive to the distinctive elements of the original products of our company.


How to verify the code?

Please visit our “Check code” page.

  1. Find the code strip on the package
  2. Type the code in the form on our “Check Code” page
  3. Enter captcha and click “Verify”
  4. Receive the status of the product on the authenticity


What information will you receive?


The result of the verification will be the following:

Unique – the code on the package matches our database, and is the product is authentic

Fake – the code on the package does not match our database, the product is fake

We care about our customers and our reputation, so please report us via “Contacts” form on the cases of counterfeit of our products. Thus, we will be able to fight counterfeit and fakes more effectively.