Anabolic Steroids Quality Standards. Medical use of Anabolic Steroids. Achem Pharmaceuticals.

Anabolic steroids quality standards

Achem Pharmaceuticals is one of the best manufactures in the pharmaceutical industry. The growing pharmaceutical company works hand in hand with the strictest regulatory boards like GMP and GLP which probably accounts for its excellent products.

GMP and GLP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices and Good Laboratory Practices respectively. GMP are guidelines which provide the baseline of requirements that a manufacturer should consistently meet to make sure that their products are of the best quality. Although the regulations which govern each industry can differ, the main concern in the pharmaceutical industry is to prevent harm and contamination from occurring to the end user.

GLP is not that different from GMP except that it mainly applies to Laboratory conditions. It was first introduced in Denmark and New Zealand in 1972 and can be considered as a high quality system of management controls for research laboratories and organizations. Its role is to assure the consistency and uniformity, reproducibility, integrity and quality of the chemicals (pharmaceuticals), non-clinical safety tests, and acute to chronic toxicity tests.


How are anabolic steroids made?

Due to some pharmaceutical companies` unscrupulous activities, biopharmaceuticals have gained a lot of attention over the years and their manufacturing processes are closely monitored. Achem pharmaceutical has always been at good terms with GMP and GLP and the certificates on their website can bare them evidence. Taking a close look at their manufacturing process, surely they do deserve good GLP and GMP validations.

Filtration Process

The Filtration process is one of the pivotal stages in the manufacture of medicines. Achem pharmaceutical uses nothing else but the latest and up to date filtration technology as well as techniques. They use sterile filtration, a complex membrane filter with a variable membrane diameter. Filters are mostly used in Active Pharmaceutical ingredients (API). The filtration process in API is divided into 5 stages:


  1. Particle removal filter
  2. Prefilter/Bioburden Control filter
  3. Tank Vent/ Process gas filter
  4. Sterilizing filter
  5. Process gas sterilizing filter


Achem Pharmaceuticals also uses filters for:

  • removal or reduction of particles and bacteria in processed components
  • protection of processed solutions from contamination when stored in tanks
  • sterilisation of the finished product
  • removal of bacteria from water used for washing and rinsing containers to prevent contamination

Cleaning Process

Cleaning is also an essential stage in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products but very time consuming. Achem Pharmaceuticals` cleaning process is automated. Its probably no brainer why Achem`s cleaning process is highly validated by the GMP and GLP. Achem Pharmaceuticals uses an innovative and special cleaning machine. Firstly the machine washes the vials with hot water, then they go through ultrasonic processing and last but not least they are passed through a sterilization tunnel with a temperature of at least 350 degrees.

Rubber stoppers

Rubber stoppers are pivotal in the manufacture of parenteral products. Achem Pharmaceuticals` rubber stoppers are delivered in sterile containers and passes through high quality control of production staff. The rubber stoppers are packaged to be sterile and maintain sterility.

Medical use of anabolic steroids

Legal anabolic steroids are synthetic pharmaceutical substances that mimic the action of the natural male hormone testosterone. Anabolic steroids are controlled substances and the only way to get them is through a doctor`s prescription. To be prescribed for anabolic steroids you should also have symptoms of hypogonadism, burns victims, cancer patients, aids patients etc. Any other superficial reason like performance enhancement will not lend you a prescription.

Achem Pharmaceuticals only sells legal anabolic steroids. There are thousands and thousands of anabolic steroids and testosterone is the basis of their nature. Some of the most popular forms include

Testosterone Enanthate

It is probably one of the oldest and extremely popular anabolic steroid in performance enhancing cycles. Testosterone Enanthate`s roots can be traced to Germany, Schering in the early 19th century. Most people prefer Testosterone Enanthate because it is highly versatile and perfect for newbies and also equally effective for the old comers. Just like any other drug, taking Testosterone Enanthate can have some possible anabolic steroids resks and side effects but they are very rare and mild. Primarily it is used in androgen replacement therapy. It can also be prescribed to men with hypogonadism, boys with delayed puberty, women having breast cancer and nowadays it is also prescribed to transgender men for masculinizing hormone therapy.

Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone Cypionate was one of the early long acting ester anabolic androgenic steroids which superseded testosterone propionate and is one of the popular vial medications manufactured by Achem Pharmaceuticals. The androgen is to be injected intramuscularly on the buttocks. Testosterone Cypionate is made up of a synthetic version of the natural hormone testosterone and it is designed to mimic the natural mechanism of action of the hormone testosterone. Testosterone is the basically the hormone that makes up a man and is responsible for secondary male characteristics like libido,  sperm quality among many others.

Testosterone Propionate

Testosterone Propionate, also known as testoviron belongs to a family of steroids called Androgen Anabolic Steroid(AAS). It was probably the first testosterone ester to be commercialized. The steroid is designed to mimic the action of the natural hormone testosterone, basically it’s a natural and bio-identical form of testosterone.

Testosterone Propionate is short acting and is mainly prescribed to men showing symptoms of low testosterone. There are not so many side effects except for symptoms of masculinization like increased libido, voice changes, acne and increased hair growth. Before the introduction of other long acting esters like testosterone undecanoate, testosterone enanthate and testosterone cypionate; testosterone propionate was the mostly used in medicine. Nowadays its almost extinct because of its short acting mechanism compared to others.

Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone Replacement therapy also known as Androgen replacement therapy (ART) is one of the trending hormonal therapies. The hormone testosterone is a pivotal hormone is men`s sexuality. Its responsible for men`s secondary sexual characteristics like deep voices, large muscles, body and facial hair, plays an important role in sperm production, increases sex drive among many others. When men grow older the levels of testosterone in the body are also reduced. As a result men lose some of the above male characteristics and experience a low sex drive with few erections, lerthagy and fatigue, skin thinning, declining muscle strength and mass and an increase in body fat.

This is where Testosterone replacement therapy comes into play. TRT cab be prescribed to men who are approaching old age to slow down the onset of aging or in elderly men to lessen the effects of old age. Whilst TRT can actually help, the medical community is still sceptical and carrying out clinical trials to see if it would be totally safe and the side effects would be worthy it. Achem Pharmaceuticals has a range of high quality Testosterone replacement medications.

Testosterone Replacement therapy Pros and Cons


  • Reduces the chance of Diabetes as the risks of of testosterone deficiency and diabetes are strongly correlated Delays aging and other age related diseases
  • Classic treatment for hypogonadism
  • Useful in masculanization of transgender men through Transgender Hormone Therapy.
  • Prevents and treats osteoporosis in postmenopausal women.


  • Some heart diseases like strokes and heart attacks have been reported in men taking testosterone replacement therapy.
  • It is correlated to cause and increase growth of pre-existing prostate cancer.
  • Side effects like oily skin and acne, noticeable hair loss and thinning of the hair. These can however be managed by some medications like 5-alpha reductase inhibitors.

Anabolic androgenic steroids in sport

Its no longer any surprising news to hear that a sportsman has been doping with Anabolic androgenic steroids. In fact any outstanding and successful sportsman is suspected of doping and people no longer believe in hardworking and consistent exercise. Anabolic androgenic steroids are controlled drugs and they should only be prescribed by a physician in regard to appropriate medical conditions like hypogonadism.

Advantages of taking anabolic asteroids

Sports and performance enhancement is not regarded as a valid reason to take AAS drugs. Although taking Anabolic androgenic steroids is illegal, most people still find a way to get them due to the following benefits:

  • A recent research by Norwegian scientists suggested that athletes who temporarily use steroids can reap the benefits for as long as ten years.
  • Strengthens the athlete`s abilities and gives the “winning mood” during the competition
  • Steroids help with losing weight and retaining as well as gaining muscle.
  • Muscle strength and performance are improved
  • Testosterone allows more oxygen to the muscles thus increasing muscle mass
  • Vision is also improved
  • Accelerates the healing process, for example in burns and other trauma.

Disadvantages of taking anabolic steroids

As much as steroids can literally transform individuals into their dream figures, one has to consider the cons that come with taking steroids because they do exist. Taking steroids is quite risky and just as you would get a good share of amazing superficial results you are also more likely to get a share of the following cons:

  • Most AAS are illegal and if you are caught you can be arrested and banned from sports activities.
  • There is a high risk of getting prostate or liver cancer, psychological defects, damage of organs, hormonal inbalance, and in the worst case scenario, infertility.
  • The risk of having Hepatitis B or C is increased
  • There is a high risk of tendons tearing
  • Women can have more facial hair and the breasts can also increase in size for men.
  • Musculinity is highly increased which can result in aggressive behavior.
  • Bulk muscles but stunted growth if taken at a young age.
  • Vein damage
  • All these effects may/can lead to death
  • In the worst case scenario taking steroids can lead to death


Achem Pharmaceuticals Products

What keeps Achem Pharmaceuticals thriving in the large pharmaceutical industry with some huge and ancient well established manufactures is the young company`s concentrated investment in the quality of their products which makes them unique and innovative. Achem Pharmaceuticals manufactures a range of pharmaceutical products ranging from cardiovascular drugs, anabolic steroids, gastrointestinal agents, aromatase inhibitors, fat burners, antispasmodics and analgesics.

Why Vials are more popular than ampules?

Vials are more popular than ampules for many reasons but the top most reason is probably because vials are reusable. There is a thin line of difference between vials and ampules. Whilst vials can be a broader term where ampules fall under, Vials mainly refers to any multi-dose container that can be used for storage of serum, chemical or pharmaceutical compounds.

A vial can be sealed or unsealed, this is what mainly differentiates it from an ampule. An ampule, also known as an ampoule is a single-dose vial with an air tight sealed neck to prevent air, humidity, water and other contaminants from contaminating the solid or liquid inside the ampoule. The ampoule`s seal is melted onto the tip of the glass container therefore the only way to open an ampule is to break it.


Why the 10ml vials are mostly used?

The 10ml vials are the standard and most popularly used vials. People prefer them for various reasons, mostly for their large size. However recently over the years, the use of the 10ml vials has been strongly discouraged because its too large. One of the reasons is the 28 day rule which assets that an opened vial should not be used for more than four week to prevent risk of contamination. Achem Pharmaceuticals offers a range of different types of vials.

Testosterone Cypionate

Testosterone Cypionate is one of the popular vial medications manufactured by Achem Pharmaceuticals. The androgen is to be injected intramuscularly on the buttocks. Testosterone Cypionate is made up of a synthetic version of the natural hormone testosterone and it is designed to mimic the natural mechanism of action of the hormone testosterone. As we know testosterone is essentially the pivotal hormone that make up a man. It is responsible for secondary male characteristics, sex drive,  sperm quality among many others.

Testosterone Cypionate can be prescribed to men showing symptoms of hypogonadism (a condition in which men cannot produce enough testosterone). It can also be taken for the following purposes:

  • Binds to androgen receptors thus promoting the androgen receptor dependent mechanisms for fat loss with muscle gain
  • It is an androgenic hormone and highly anabolic making it one of the best anabolic steroids to use for men in pursuit of more strength and size.
  • Increases action of the satellite cells which are the cells responsible for repairing damaged muscle.
  • It encourages nitrogen retention within the muscles, the more nitrogen found in the muscles the more protein can be stored.
  • Increases the levels of the hormone IGF-1, another anabolic hormone in muscle tissues thus amplifying the anabolic activity.

Peach Oil

Achem Pharmaceuticals uses pharmacy grade double filtered peach oil, probably the only one of its quality in the industry. Although peach oil has been used since ancient days in Spain and China, the rest of the world has not been much aware of its awesome health advantages and benefits yet.

Some of its therapeutic properties are lowering cholesterol levels in blood curing coughs, whooping cough, chronic bronchitis and associated respiratory disorders. Peach oil can also aid in relieving congestion and irritation of the gastric surfaces. It is also greatly used in the cosmetics and perfumery industries for protecting skin from eczema, itching and acne problems. All this is because of Peach oil`s revitalizing, nourishing, regenerative, preservative, moisturizing, diuretic, expectorant and anti-oxidant properties.


Achem Pharmaceuticals only works with the best and most reputable suppliers. Despite working with proven and trusted suppliers we understand that quality might still vary. As part of our quality control philosophy we make it a point to always test the raw materials before starting the production of the oil. On average 10% of the raw materials are rejected due to failure to meet up the quality according to GMP standard demands.

Where to get anabolic steroids?

Since its establishment in 2014 Achem Pharmaceuticals has consistently gained a significant amount of recognition and a good reputation due to its unique vision in research developments and its use and implementation of cuttingedge technologies. The reputable young and innovative pharmaceutical company is well known for production and release of some blockbuster pharmaceutical products so far. Achem Pharmaceuticals mainly specialises in production of anabolic steroids, aromatase inhibitors and fat burners.

Anabolic androgenic steroids are potent drugs and if you really want to take them, strict caution is needed. Most importantly they should be from a trustworthy and reputable manufacturer. It is probably no brainer that Achem Pharmaceuticals is one of the leading manufacturers of AAS medications and one of the few GMP and GLP approved manufacturers. At Achem Pharmaceuticals, the health and safety of the end user is our primary concern and we do everything possible to assure we produce quality products. We work with the best suppliers (however we still screen the raw materials) and we always meet and even surpass the standards set by the strictest regulating boards like GLP and GMP.