About Us

Achem Pharmaceuticals is an innovative pharmaceutical company which produces drugs in compliance with GMP and GLP standards.

Our key strategy is directed towards use of the most actual technology of pharmaceutical products manufacturing. The production staff consists by highly qualified engineers, technologists, chemists, microbiologists, quality specialists.

Achem Pharmaceuticals is engaged in the production of various types of pharmaceutical products including cardiovascular drugs, anabolic steroids, gastrointestinal agents, aromatase inhibitors, fat burners, antispasmodics and analgesics.

We have a wide portfolio of products, which are available for sale in more than
20 countries worldwide and represents the original high-quality products.

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Achem Pharmaceuticals


Achem Pharmaceuticals tends to promote and to extend the field of activities to the most efficient and effective production technologies to provide the best quality pharmaceutical products on the market.

We invest in research and development projects, thus, receiving cutting-edge technologies that help us to find the most accurate solutions in healthcare and improve the wellbeing of the worldwide population.